Sourcing Professional

what you get

The following is the brief description on what you can get:

• Provide a clear and concise platform on which the supplier can accurately represent his or her company and it's capabilities to a buyer

• Reduced cost of new business acquisition

• Greater opportunities for new business; bring more potential business partnerships directly to the supplier's door

• Negotiations are transparent and requirements are clearly defined

• Access to competitor best pricing during the business, which helps suppliers position themselves correctly in the marketplace

• Disclosure of buyer terms and conditions, product specifications, and pertinent information to allow for accurate quoting

• Advanced functionality, which means that competition are not just about price

• ERP system: it can control all procedures and extract the data easily.

The success of both our clients and us is contingent on the relationships we facilitate between buyers and suppliers. In taking time to listen to supplier’s feedback, familiarizing suppliers with the normal process, and ensuring suppliers are treated fairly and respectively through clear procedure, we work to maximize benefits to buyers and suppliers, alike.

The real proof of the our success story is not only found in what clients tell us, it is also in the consistent positive feedback we receive from suppliers. Both parties can see that working with our providing access to new markets and dramatically cuts the time and resources involved in procurement.